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Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge


** 2.7/5**


I just finished this book. I had high hopes since it's a re-telling of beauty and the beast, which is my favorite fairy tale. But I did have some issues with it. I found the world extremely confusing (even being someone who does know quite a bit about mythology)I didn't fully understand the ending or what happened and I found myself lost very often in the book, having to go back and re read certain parts to better grasp what was going on. I had trouble feeling sorry for the world or relating to the world that Nyx was trying to save because I felt I knew so little about it. 

I did enjoy the characters (for the most part) and the twist (which I won't give away) but my confusion overruled any attachment I could have for the book. I spent more time trying to figure out what the author meant than I did enjoying what I was reading and every time I started to get engrossed, I'd stumble upon yet another part where I found myself lost. 

Even though, I actually enjoyed her writing I couldn't give it a higher rating since the majority of this book was over my head.